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Filtered band creation from GPT
Filtered band creation from GPT
gpt java
8/16/14 8:47 AM
Hello BEAM dev team,

The SeaDAS/BEAM GUI allows creation of various filtered bands. (e.g. gradient detection with Sobel, Median...)

How can these be invoked from the GPT?

I also need to create new convolution filters (e.g. a Median filter with a configurable kernel size).

I know it is possible to create GPF operators from scratch to implement such functionality, but I assume the BEAM API would already provide ways to apply such filters.

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RE: Filtered band creation from GPT
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8/18/14 8:12 AM as a reply to Kutila Gunasekera.
Hello Kutila,

there is no gpt operator yet which can do the filter operation. It is only usable from the GUI.
With the new user filter functionality in BEAM 5.0 you can create your own filters. The kernel size can be set in the properties panel in the configuration dialog.
If you want to write your own operator which does the filtering you can have a look at the package 'org.esa.beam.visat.actions.imgfilter' in module 'beam-visat-rcp'. There you should start with 'org.esa.beam.visat.actions.imgfilter.CreateFilteredBandAction.actionPerformed()'. It is the entry point to the functionality.

best wishes
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