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Why Beam developed in Java
Why Beam developed in Java
java performance
8/11/14 3:47 PM
I want to know why you selected Java for Beam, what you have as constraints if any, what about it's performance and what you suggest for Image Processing within nearly real time constraint . Have you done any evaluation between programming languages such as C/C++, C#, etc.
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RE: Why Beam developed in Java
8/11/14 6:02 PM as a reply to Mustafa Kemal Pektürk.
Hello Mustafa,

there was no comparison between the different languages. The primary reason why we have chosen Java was that it is platform independent. You need to write your code only once and can run it on any platform (Windows, Unix, Mac).
One of the pros of Java is that you don't have to care about pointer. Which is also a downside because you can use it for performance improvements.
However, we made the experience that good written Java code is not significantly slower as C/C++ code.
In some cases where you can utilize the features of C/C++, these native languages are still faster.
But you can also find speed comparisons in the internet where Java is faster, because the virtual machine can optimize the code very well.
If your image processing system needs to be platform independent then I would suggest you give Java a chance. If your performance requirements are very high and you develop only for one platform then C/C++ might be the better choice.
So I can't give a general suggestion. Probably you need to evaluate your specific use case by writing some sample code in each language and compare the results.

kind regards
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