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Reprojecting Metop data
Reprojecting Metop data
beam geocoding georeference cloud mask java
6/25/14 11:19 AM
I am able to read Metop -A, B redaiance,reflectance,grid data. (Using java)
But i want to apply these latitude, longtitude grids to radiance data.i.e. reproject the data using these grid values.
May be i should use TiePointGrid?
And i want to generate Cloudmask file from this reflectance data, what is the mathematical logic involved?

Please give me some suggestions..
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RE: Reprojecting Metop data
6/27/14 1:55 PM as a reply to SURESH KUMAR MANCHIKANTI.

I don't know the format in which your data is provided. Which sensor of Metop are your trying to read?
But if the latitude and longitude values are sub-sampled compared to the other raster data TiePointGrid and TiePointGeoCoding are the classes you should use. If they are not sub-sampled you can add them simply as bands to the product and then create a BasicPixelGeoCoding by using GeoCodingFactory.

Cloudscreening is a big topic in the remote sensing community. There are a lot of algorithms and a lot of science work is going on. There is no easy answer to it.

best wishes
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RE: Reprojecting Metop data
6/30/14 12:50 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
I am trying to convert AVHRR/3 - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer data.Actually it contains latitude, longitude grid are available at subsample of 20.i.e for every 20 pixels, lat long values are available.

I have tried the following ways, if any mistake please tell me.

 1Product sourceProd=ProductIO.readProduct("metOP_Avhrr");
 3TiePointGrid latGrid=sourceProd.getTiePointGrid("latitude");
 4TiePointGrid longGrid=sourceProd.getTiePointGrid("longitude");
 6Product targetProd= new Product(new File("geo_metop","geocode",rasterWidth,rasterHeight);
102.TiePointGeoCoding geoCode1=sourceProd.getGeoCoding();
133.TiePointGeoCoding geoCode1=new TiePointGeoCoding(latGrid,longGrid);

but, none of them are working, please give me some sample code to create geocoded image using TiePointGrid,TiePointGeoCoding
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RE: Reprojecting Metop data
7/1/14 11:22 AM as a reply to SURESH KUMAR MANCHIKANTI.
There is already a Metop AVHRR reader. It hasn't released for 5.0 yet, but you can use it with 4.11. And I would guess that it will work in 5.0 too.
You can also have a look at the code at GitHub.

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