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gpf from inside java code not utilizing multiple CPU cores
Hello everyone,

I'm seeing a difference in performance when running a CPU intensive pipeline using the command-line tool gpt and from inside Java code.

With gpt, graph execution takes about 9 minutes and htop shows all 8 CPU cores at 100% utilization.
With the Java code, the same graph takes 15 minutes. According to htop, on average 2 CPU cores are being used at 100% (average of 25% CPU usage).

I've tried setting the system properties beam.parallelism and seadas.parallelism with no noticeable improvement.

I'm invoking the GPF from Java using the following code:
2ProgressMonitor pm;
4Graph graph = GraphIO.read(new StringReader(graphStringI));
5GraphProcessor processor = new GraphProcessor();
6processor.executeGraph(graph, pm);

Some further information which might be useful:
  • I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on a 64-bit machine with 8GB RAM and a Corei7-3770 CPU.
  • Using SeaDAS 7.0.2 and Open JDK (1.7.0_55).
  • The graph XML produces 7 day averages of MODIS aqua chlorophyll data over the Southern GBR region for a month.
  • The pipeline has been made artificially CPU intensive, by performing extra unrelated calculations inside computeTile() of the band averaging operator.
  • The Java code is run as a junit test case from Maven.

(My question is fairly similar to this forum question, but with some differences as mentioned above.)

What could I be missing here?

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RE: gpf from inside java code not utilizing multiple CPU cores
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6/11/14 2:04 PM as a reply to Kutila Gunasekera.
Dear Kutila,

when executing a graph using the Java API of GPF you have to initialize geotools and especially JAI by invoking:

This initializes JAI, which is used for scheduling multiple computational threads in parallel, to the use all available cores. By default only 2 threads are used.

Best regards,
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RE: gpf from inside java code not utilizing multiple CPU cores
6/12/14 7:19 AM as a reply to Marco Zühlke.
That fixed it. Thanks Marco!
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