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RE: NaN's to 1's
NaN's to 1's
4/10/14 12:17 PM
Hi Beam forum,

Apologies for yet another question but I'm having a problem with a cloud mask. I need to convert NaN's in the cloud mask to 1's. The conditional statement a ? b : c is not working as I would expect when dealing with NaN's.

How is NaN evaluated in a boolean operation?

In the Expression editor dialogue box regardless what I set "Replace NaN and infinity results by" to I still get NaN's.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

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RE: NaN's to 1's
4/13/14 1:43 PM as a reply to Kieran Harper.
Hi Kieran,

Maybe you simply need to remove the no-data value and/or the valid pixel expression. You can find both settings in the properties dialogue of the band.
If you want to check for NaN values you can use the nan(value) function.
Your expression could be: nan(cloud_mask) ? 1 : cloud_mask

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RE: NaN's to 1's
4/29/14 12:59 PM as a reply to Marco Peters.
Thanks again Marco for your answers.


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