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ASAR Sample Data

Acquisition Time:15-04-2010 22:46:16 UTC
Type:ASA_GM1_1P - ASAR Global Monitoring Mode Image
Resolution:1000 meter/pixel 842 x 5440 pixels
Product Size:9.431.803 Bytes
Download Size:7.260.495 Bytes
Acquisition Time:26-02-2010 15:47:08 UTC
Type:ASA_WSM_1P - ASAR Wide Swath Medium Resolution Image
Resolution:150 meter/pixel 5779 x 9720 pixels
Product Size:112.767.988 Bytes
Download Size:74.466.822 Bytes
Acquisition Time:07-10-2009 02:56:28 UTC
Type:ASA_APM_1P - ASAR Alternating Polarization Medium Resolution Image product
Resolution:30 meter/pixel 1452 x 3915 pixels
Product Size:22.903.686 Bytes
Download Size:16.575.033 Bytes
Acquisition Time:11-03-2009 04:35:48 UTC
Type:ASA_IMM_1P - ASAR Image Mode Medium Resolution Image
Resolution:30 meter/pixel 1423 x 12960 pixels
Product Size:37.192.074 Bytes
Download Size:26.911.267 Bytes