Test Sites

We base our algorithm implementation, testing and validation on a number of selected test sites. These sites were selected according to the following criteria

  • Extreme scattering or absorbing (or both) water
  • Well characterized by previous studies
  • MERIS data (RR and FR) available
  • In-situ data available; ideally match-ups

Only few MERIS match-ups can be found for extreme Case 2 waters. We make use of in-situ data available at team members and Scientific Support Team.  Here is the list of selected test sites:

# Site Name Description
1. Arabian Sea Indian West Coast, Southern Coast of Pakistan, Gulf of Oman, Strait of Hormuz
2. Baltic Sea Complete Baltic Sea, including Kattegat, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, and Gulf of Riga.
3. Vavy-19 Storbådan Mouth of Kyrönjoki River
4. Belgian Coast, Thames Merged site from “Belgian coastal waters” and “Schelde”; including Thames Estuary (new)
5. Black Sea, North Northern part of the Black Sea, including peninsula of Crimea and Arov Sea (Southern Coast of Ucraina). Western Coast of Ucraina, part of the Eastern Coast of Romania. Caucasian Coast in Georgia.
6. Black Sea Complete Black and Arov Sea.
7. Ganges Delta Ganges and Brahmaputra Deltas, Indian East Coast down to lat=14°
8. Gironde Gironde Estuary, merging area of Garonne and Dordogne.
9. Korean Coast Southern and Western Coast of South Korea
10. Finnish Lakes Area in the rectangle (lat, lon) from LL (24.6, 60.9) to UR (25.9, 61.5).
11. Kasumigaura Lake Lake Kasumigaura (Nishiura), and two smaller lakes, Kitaura and Sotonasakaura and also the rivers connecting them.
12. Lena Delta Lena River Delta
13. Rio de la Plata Rio de la Plata estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay and the Paraná rivers.
14. Yangtse Yangtse River Delta
15. Yellow River Yellow River Delta and part of the Bohai Sea