Export GeoTIFF

Export GeoTIFF Product


Please note that the export of a product to a GeoTIFF file will not work with the BEAM 4.7 PREVIEW release.
This issue will be addressed for the final BEAM 4.7 release.

This command allows to export the data of the current product to GeoTIFF file.

GeoTIFF is an extension to the TIFF 6.0 specification. These image files contain additional information about thier georeference and their spatial resolution. A wide range of projected coordinate systems are supported including UTM, US State Plane, and National Grids. For further information have a look at the following documentations:

Constraints of created GeoTIFF product files

The exported GeoTIFF files contain additional information beside the tags defined by the GeoTIFF specification. This BEAM-DIMAP header is used to these additional informations. This allows a better support of several BEAM features.
This includes:

For features and limitations of the GeoTIFF export and constraints of interaction with other GIS tools please see the following list: