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Slant Range to Ground Range conversion parameters

  Fields of ENVISAT ASAR_SRGR_ADSR Records

Index Identifier Field Type Field Length Description Units
0 "zero_doppler_time" MJD 1 Zero Doppler Time in azimuth from which parameters apply MJD
1 "attach_flag" UChar 1 Attachment Flag (always set to zero for this ADSR) flag
2 "slant_range_time" Float 1 2 way slant range time to first range sample ns
3 "ground_range_origin" Float 1 Ground range origin of the polynomial (GR0) measured for the first pixel of the line. m
4 "srgr_coeff" Float 5 The coefficients S0, S1, S2, S3, and S4 of the ground range to slant range conversion polynomial. Slant range = S0 + S1(GR-GR0) + S2 (GR-GR0)2 + S3(GR-GR0)3 + S4(GR-GR0)4 m, m-1, m-2, m-3, m-4
5 "spare_1" Spare 1 Spare -