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Doppler Centroid Parameters

  Fields of ENVISAT ASAR_Dop_Cen_ADSR Records

Index Identifier Field Type Field Length Description Units
0 "zero_doppler_time" MJD 1 Zero Doppler azimuth time at which estimate applies MJD
1 "attach_flag" UChar 1 Attachment Flag (always set to zero for this ADSR) flag
2 "slant_range_time" Float 1 2-way slant range time origin (t0) ns
3 "dop_coef" Float 5 Doppler centroid coefficients as a function of slant range time: D0, D1, D2, D3, and D4. where Doppler Centroid = D0 + D1(tSR-t0) + D2(tSR-t0)2 + D3(tSR-t0)3 + D4(tSR-t0)4 HzHz/sHz/s2Hz/s3Hz/s4
4 "dop_conf" Float 1 Doppler Centroid Confidence Measure. Value between 0 and 1, 0 = poorest confidence, 1= highest confidence. If multiple Doppler Centroid estimates were performed, this value is the lowest confidence value attained. -
5 "dop_thresh_flag" UChar 1 Doppler Confidence Below Threshold Flag. 0 = confidence above threshold, Doppler Centroid calculated from data. 1 = confidence below threshold, Doppler Centroid calculated from orbit. flag
6 "spare_1" Spare 1 Spare -