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Antenna Elevation patterns(s)

  Fields of ENVISAT ASAR_Antenna_ADSR Records

Index Identifier Field Type Field Length Description Units
0 "zero_doppler_time" MJD 1 Zero Doppler azimuth time at which pattern applies MJD
1 "attach_flag" UChar 1 Attachment Flag (always set to zero for this ADSR) flag
2 "beam_id" String 1 Beam ID to which pattern applies SS1 to SS5 or NSØ ascii
3 "elevation_pattern.slant_range_time" Float 11 2 way slant range times ns
4 "elevation_pattern.elevation_angles" Float 11 Corresponding elevation angles degrees
5 "elevation_pattern.antenna_pattern" Float 11 Corresponding two-way antenna elevation pattern values dB
6 "spare_1" Spare 1 Spare -