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AATSR TOA Level 1b Confidence Flag Codings

  Flags of ENVISAT ATS_TOA_1P_confid_flags Products

Identifier Bit Index Description
"BLANKING" 0 Blanking Pulse
"COSMETIC" 1 Cosmetic Fill Pixel
"SCAN_ABSENT" 2 Entire scan absent from telemetry
"ABSENT" 3 Pixel absent from telemetry
"NOT_DECOMPR" 4 Pixel not decompressed owing to error in packet validation
"NO_SIGNAL" 5 No signal in some channel (zero count)
"SATURATION" 6 Saturation in some channel (maximum count)
"OUT_OF_RANGE" 7 Derived radiance of some channel outside range of calibration
"NO_CALIB_PARAM" 8 Calibration Parameters unavailable for pixel
"UNFILLED" 9 Pixel unfilled (cosmetic fill algorithm unable to find nearest neighbour pixel)