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  • One test config file per reader plugin. Config file is a resource in the source code of the reader.
    • Use config file names as follows: resources/<package path>/<plugin-class-name>-conf.json
  • Config file contents
    • Intended files
    • Suitable files
    • Expected product contents per each intended and suitable file (size, num bands, metadata, pixel data, etc.)
  • Product reader test module (beam-reader-tests)
    • POM specifies dependencies to reader plugins to be tested. The reader module dependency  must provide the test config (via its classpath).
    • The reader test module keeps a file list (as resource). Every entry in this list has an ID and a (relative) file path. Base path is configured externally (not checked into VCS)
  • 3rd party projects wishing to perform integration tests declare a dependency to beam-reader-tests
    • Defines additional file list. Using possibly a different or additional base dir path(s).
    • Defines test config per reader
  • Mount EOData/beam-reader-tests (it's on the NAS), possibly add daemon that uses rsync to copy beam-reader-tests to build server


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