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  • Using the BEAM API
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This page describes how the BEAM libraries can be used to create simple, self-standing applications.

  1. Install BEAM. The installation folder is $BEAM_HOME from here on.
  2. Required BEAM JARs reside in $BEAM_HOME/lib and $BEAM_HOME/modules
  3. Two BEAM module JARs need to be unpacked: $BEAM_HOME/modules/lib-hdf and $BEAM_HOME/modules/lib-netcdf. This is automatically done, when VISAT is run the first time.
  4. Create a project in your IDE for you app.
  5. Define the classpath for your app.
    1. Add all JARs found in $BEAM_HOME/lib
      • *.jar
    2. Add the following minimum modules found in $BEAM_HOME/modules
      • ceres-core.jar
      • beam-core.jar
      • lib-hdf/lib/hdf.jar
      • lib-hdf/lib/hdf5.jar
      • lib-netcdf/lib/netcdf.jar
    3. Add the following optional product readers found in $BEAM_HOME/modulesas required
      • beam-envisat-reader.jar
      • beam-landsat-reader.jar
      • beam-modis-reader.jar
      • ...
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