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If your questions is not answered here, feel free to contact BEAM Development Team


  1. How can I create a synergy product using MERIS and AATSR?
  2. Why do I have no geo-referencing information in my exported products?
  3. Is there a reason why all the INVALID_* flags are not shown in the list of the Arithmetic Expression Editor?
  4. How is the PIN file (*.pnf) format defined?
  5. Which algorithm is used for creating RGB images?
  6. Why is the import of MODIS products disabled on Mac OS X systems?
  7. Is it possible to define a spatial subset by geographical coordinates, not by pixel coordinates?
  8. How can I extract tie point grids from a product for use with ENVI?
  9. Is it possible to do projections, subsetting & subsampling, product geo-boundary extraction or GeoTIFF creation in batch mode?
  10. TIFF images are exported with 8 bit per pixel. Is it possible to export them with 16 bit per pixel?
  11. How are pixels referenced in VISAT?
  12. Where is the jexp.jar (The Java Expression Parser & Evaluator) gone?
  13. Is it possible to process a MERIS Level 1 image into a Level 2 using Beam 3.2 ? If not, how can we have this "product" instead of the Level 1 images we already have?
  14. Is it possible to use other DEMs in Visat instead of the GETASSE30 DEM?
  15. I want to create BEAM-DIMAP data product header for my ENVI image files so that I can read them into VISAT. What are the mandatory elements in the BEAM-DIMAP header file?
  16. How can I improve the aspect quality of my pseudo-RGB images?
  17. Are there plans to support the AATSR products ATS_AR_2P or ATS_MET_2P?
  18. How can I export the spectrum of pixels?
  19. How can I calculate with bands from products with different geolocation?
  20. How can I use a ROI, which is defined in one product, also on other products?
  21. The automatic version checking of VISAT fails with an I/O Error. What can I do?
  22. If I convert a product (e.g. MERIS L2) to HDF5 and read it in Matlab, the tie-point grids have now a different resolution as the other bands. Why?
  23. I have noticed that the tie point grids are image dependent and not equal in terms of localization and orientation. Why?
  24. When projecting data products the projection is only applied to bands, but tie-point grids are removed. Why is the projection not applied to tie-point grids, too?

General BEAM FAQ

  1. How can I increase the available memory for the application I want to use?
  2. How does BEAM interpolate tie-point grids (e.g latitude) to resize them to the same dimension as the other bands?
  3. MERIS Level 2b data products do have the unit of normalized reflectance is shown in BEAM with "dl", what is the definition of "dl"?
  4. I want to use the output data of BEAM in MATLAB. But MATLAB only accepts the HDF4 format. What can I do?

BEAM Processor FAQ

  1. What meanings do the different parameters have to the SMAC processor? Which concrete models are used for processing?
  2. Do I have to perform the process individually for each band in the Level 3 binning processor?
  3. In the processing parameters of the Level 3 binning processor, the Grid cell size is set to 9.28 km. Why?

BEAM Developer FAQ

  1. Is it possible to call C routines from Java?
  2. How can I get geo-location data from Meris products with the API?
  3. How can I read a metadata attribute from MERIS products?
  4. Why is there a difference between the values of view-zenith (Sun-zenith,..) I extracted with the readPixel method of TiePointGrid.class and the values displayed by Visat?
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