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API Changes

In BEAM 4.7 we have done several API changes. We tried as hard as possible to stay compatible with the former version. Unfortunately it was not possible in all cases. This page gives you a brief overview what has changed from version 4.6 to 4.7.

Product Data Model Changes

  • Introduced Mask class
  • Introduced VectorDataNode class
  • Product class
    • Added new methods to Product class
      1. ProductNodeGroup<VectorData> getVectorDataGroup()
      2. ProductNodeGroup<Mask> getMaskGroup()
      3. ProductNodeGroup<TiePointGrid> getTiePointGridGroup()
      4. ProductNodeGroup<Band> getBandGroup()
    • Deprecated a lot of old methods dealing with BitRaster and bitmasks in general
    • Change events for the following "properties" are not fired anymore: modified, owner
    • Added writeHeader() as a convenience method
  • Added new methods to ProductVisitor interface:
    1. void visit(Mask mask)
    2. void visit(VectorDataNode dataNode)
  • ProductIO.readProduct(..., PruductSubsetDef def) replaced with methods without ProductSubsetDef
  • Rename Pin into Placemark.

Ceres Binding API Changes

  • Terminology changes followed by extensive renaming:
    • ValueModel --> Property
    • ValueDescriptor --> PropertyDescriptor
    • ValueContainer --> PropertyContainer
    • ValueAccessor --> PropertyAccessor
    • ValueEditor --> PropertyEditor
    • ValueEditorRegistry} --> {{PropertyEditorRegistry
    • ValueEditorsPane --> PropertyPane
    • ClassFieldDescriptorFactory --> PropertyDescriptorFactory
  • --> PropertyDescriptor.attributes (incl. all accessors)
  • New interface PropertyAccessorFactory
  • PropertyContainer.setValue(String propertyName, Object value) now throws IllegalArgumentException
    by wrapping a previously thrown {{ValidationException}.
  • PropertySet} is an interface which has been extracted from {{PropertyContainer.
    Thus, in many places (including public BEAM API) the use of PropertyContainer has been replaced by {{PropertySet}
  • Moved swing.binding packages between modules: ceres-binding:com.bc.ceres.binding.swing --> ceres-ui:com.bc.ceres.swing.binding

Ceres Layer API Changes

  • Renamed method LayerType.getConfigurationTemplate() to createLayerConfig()
  • Moved methods LayerType.createDefaultValueModel()} {{ValueModel.createValueModel()

Ceres Core API Changes

  • Renamed class ServiceRegistryFactory to ServiceRegistryManager

Operator changes

  • Renamed source product alias in WriteOp from "input" to "source" for consistency.
  • None