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This page lists approved BEAM 4.5 plug-ins and their related documentation.

Plug-ins for the current version can be found here.

Plug-ins for previous BEAM versions can be found at:

To install a plug-in, download its module file and copy it into the modules directory of your BEAM 4.5 installation directory. The module will be installed once you start BEAM VISAT. You can uninstall the module simply by removing the module file. Note that modules can also be installed, uninstalled and updated using VISAT module manager (Main menu / Help / Module Manager).

EO Data Product Readers / Writers

GlobCOLOUR Product Readers

Description: This module provides product readers for importing the binned and mapped GlobCOLOUR Level-3 data products into BEAM/VISAT.
Author: R. Quast and N.Fomferra of Brockmann Consult
Version: 1.5.1
Module: globcolour-product-readers-1.5.1.jar

METOP AVHRR Level-1b Product Reader

Description: A product reader for the METOP AVHRR Level-1b format. This plug-in has been developed by Brockmann Consult under contract to EUMETSAT in order to support the EUMETSAT Polar System (EPS).
Author: M. Zühlke of Brockmann Consult
Version: 1.3
Module: beam-metop-avhrr-reader-1.3.jar

EO Data Processors

QAA IOP Processor

Description: Retrieval of inherent optical properties (IOPs) for coastal and open ocean waters for MERIS.
Author: Zhongping Lee et al, Mississippi State University
Software development: Mingrui Zhang, Winona State University
Version: 1.0 (01. March 2009)
Module: QAA1.0.0.jar
Documentation: Processor Documentation (Journal paper), update to the documentation paper

ATSR MSSL Stereomatcher

Description: For the retrieval of geometric cloud-top height and the assessment of the co-registration error in ATSR data.
The first utilises the Mannstein camera model to translate parallax into height, while the second uses clear
views of land as ground control points to determine the presence and size of any shift between the nadir and the forward view.
Author: Ludwig M. Brinckmann Mullard Space Science Laboratory
Version: 0.9 (15. December 2008)
Module: mssl-stereomatcher-0.9.jar
Documentation: User Manual

MERIS ICOL Processor

Description: The ICOL processor is used to correct for the adjacency effect (increased radiance due to scattering and reflection of photons) in MERIS L1B data.
Algorithm: R. Santer, Université du Littoral, France and F. Zagolski, Parbleu, Canada
Software: M. Zühlke and O.Danne, Brockmann Consult
Version: 1.0.4
Module: beam-meris-icol-1.0.4.jar, beam-meris-brr-2.0.2.jar, beam-meris-l2auxdata-1.0.jar (all 3 are required)
Documentation: ATBD 1.1, Validation Report 1.0, Qualification Report 1.0


Description: A VISAT plug-in and stand-alone processor which computes the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) for MERIS Level-1b data.
Author: Ophelie Aussedat, Nadine Gobron of JRC
Version: 2.1.1 (8. June 2005)
Module: jrc-fapar-2.1.1.jar
Documentation: README, ATBD

MERIS WeW Case 2 Waters Processor

Description: A VISAT plug-in and stand-alone processor which makes use of MERIS Level-1b TOA radiances in the bands 1-7, 9-10 and 12-14 in order to retrieve case II water properties and atmospheric properties above case II waters.
Author: Thomas Schroeder, Michael Schaale of FUB
Version: 1.0.2 (23. March 2005)
Module: beam-wew-water-1.2.2.jar
Documentation: README

AATSR SEBS Processor

Description: The Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) processor is aimed to estimate the land surface physical properties from AATSR product, in combination with meteorological information.
Author: lichun at, ITC, Netherland
Version: 1.2
Module: beam-sebstool-1.2.jar

MERIS Vegetation Processors

Description: A set of three VISAT plug-ins and stand-alone processors:

  • BAER - computes the Aerosol Optical Thickness, the Angstrom coefficient and generates atmospherically corrected reflectances in 13 channels over land from MERIS Level-2 data
  • TOA-VEG - computes the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR), the fCover, the LAI and the LAI chlorophyll content product from MERIS Level-1b data
  • TOC-VEG - computes the Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR), the fCover, the LAI and the LAI chlorophyll content product from MERIS Level-2 data
    Author: F. Baret of INRA, Wolfgang v. Hoyningen Huene of Uni Bremen, C. Castillon of Noveltis
    Version: 2.0.1 (= BAER 1.0, TOA-VEG 1.1, TOC-VEG 0.6)
    Module: beam-meris-veg-2.0.1.jar
  • BAER: README, ATBD, Validation Report
  • TOA-VEG: README, ATBD, Validation Report
  • TOC-VEG: README, ATBD, Validation Report
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